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eBay Aim to Hit Amazon Where It Hurts — Same-Day Deliveries - eBay Marketplaces:
The eBay Now service — available in San Francisco, New York, Silicon Valley, and, as of today, Chicago — lets shoppers order from local chain stores such as Target and Best Buy through an app. Delivery is promised within an hour or so. In the cities where it’s available, the service seems like a win-win for both eBay and brick-and-mortar retailers, who together are offering a delivery option that Amazon does not — and that Amazon is poorly positioned to ever provide if it stays dependent on its large warehouses, operating outside of city centers.
Wired 10/22/2013

In 2013 Booz & Company's annual study of the world's 1000 largest corporate R&D spenders examines the digital enablers of the innovation process.
Booz Global Innovation 1000 and Digital Enablers 10/2013

Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Goes Into Lockdown: Plans Three Huge Product Launches This Summer
This summer, hot social media startup Pinterest seems to be copying the idea.  A source close to the company tells us that in the next 30 to 60 days, Pinterest plans to launch three massive products: an official API, an iPad app, and an app for Android.  Pinterest, a site where users can save and share images and links, has the resources to go on this kind of attack.  It's in the process of raising $100 million or so at a $1.5 billion valuation, and for the past few weeks it's been hiring like crazy – poaching talent from Apple, Google, and lots from Facebook.
Business Insider 06/14/2012

Holiday Fear Mixed in With Cheer -  November and December account for a large slice of stores' annual sales, according to the National Retail Federation that was 23% for discount chains, 24% for department stores and 28% for jewelers last year.  Consumers are using more technology to research exactly what they want to buy before stepping into a store.  Read more about Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Limited, Zale, Gap.
WSJ   11/21/11

Over 47% of CMOs Planning on Spending More than 25% of Budgets in 2012 on Digital: “I’ve doubled my digital spend in 2012 vs. 2011.  New consumer targeting tools and platforms are working for us”. “Our agency wanted us to move to over 40% digital but we are looking at 30% ups from 20% in 2011.”
   “A number of new projects in early 2012 for iPad and Mobile apps for customers.  I’ve actually moved dollars in 2012 from marketing programs to customer service programs because that will have the biggest positive impact on our brands.”  
CMO Club 11/19/2011

E-Commerce Growing Fast.  Between 2004 and 2010, U.S. retail e-commerce spending grew from $66 billion to $142 billion, according to comScore Inc.  For 2011 the total is expected to jump to $162 billion.  The estimates are that one-third of U.S. shoppers' holiday purchases will be ordered online this year.   

Wanted: Chief, E-Commerce MBAs  WSJ   11/15/11 Goes Click & Mortar in SoCal with Store for the Holidays.
NBC san diego 11/11/11

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Plans, Strategies, Budgets, Profits, Score Cards, Leadership, Goals, ROI
Analytics, Insights, Market Research, Innovation, Segmentation, Customer Needs
Primary Research (extensive quail/quant), Secondary Research, Online Communities, Statistics
Measurement Tools, Dashboards, Market Share, Share of Voice, Program Goals, Projections
Marketing Models, Optimization, Personalization, Alternative Testing, Hypothesis 
Best Practices, Guidelines, Processes, Standards
Thought Leadership, Panels, Conferences, Lectures, Presentations, Business Development
Organization, Supervising, Training, Mentoring, Counsel, Incentives
Marcom, PR, Media, Social Media, Direct Mail, E-Mail, Events
Branding, Positioning, Advertising, Umbrella Brand, Retail Brands
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    Rules, Deals, Agency Partners, Corporate Data, Digital Data, Partner Data, Visualization,
    Real-time, Automation, Engagement, Influencers, Fans, Alerts, Integration, Text Analytics, Geo
    Launches, Buzz, Sentiment Analysis/Brand Monitor, Crowdsourcing, Mobile, Social Media, Blogs, Forums, News, Referrals,   
    Recommendations, Challenges/games, Loyalty, Communities, Feedback, Ideation, etc.
Multichannel - Touch points: Store, E-commerce,CRM, E-mail, Communications, Contact Center,
     Mobile, Buzz, Social Media (facebook, youtube, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, flickr ….), Multimedia, Conversion, Funnel, Path,…
New Products Launch, New Services, New Programs, Opportunities.
Market Trends, Competitors, SWOT, Differentiation, Economic Trends, Portfolio Analysis
Customer Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty/Reward Programs, Retention 
Pricing, Price Points, Average Selling Prices, Promotions, Packaging, Sales
Cross-Functional, Partnerships, Contracts, Digital Governance, Roles

Analytics Tools :
Omniture, Google Analytics, Social Media (Listening, Engagement, Analytics), Sysomos, Radian6, Crimson Hexagon, Multivariate Modeling, SAS, SPSS, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, MySQL, Databases, HTML, Programming, etc.

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