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Click & Mortar works very closely with clients.  We encourage the participation of our clients in our projects.  We conduct interviews inside and outside the company, and we balance real world experience with data-driven analyses. 

We build winning strategies starting with an understanding of customer needs, company's core capabilities, market environment and competitors.  We look for the best opportunities, and we consider our clients' strengths and challenges. 

We help companies in successfully executing strategies through a disciplined well-proven approach.   We have assessed the best practices in strategy development and planning for successful execution in various areas.  We help our clients use the best practices and implement strategies. 

We believe that successful businesses have to add value to customers, innovate, maintain focus internally, have a competitive advantage and be profitable.  We work with you to help your company achieve success. 

We offer various marketing, strategy, planning, innovation, internet and market assessment services. 

Find a brief overview of our services below.   A brief overview of our fees can also be found below.

Areas of Expertise

Marketing Strategy
Integrated marketing plan 
Market positioning 
Market segmentation 
Acquisition and Retention programs
Multi-channel Strategies 
Offering customization 
Market research 
Gap analysis 
Go to market strategies - sales 
National roll-out plans 
Trade shows and demos 
Event planning 
Selection of partnerships 
Market assessment 
Branding strategy - see below 
New product development - see below
Rewards programs
Pricing strategy - see below 

Business Strategy
Business strategies and strategic issues
Growth strategy - US and Global
Change management - turnaround 
New business opportunity assessment 
Business model evaluation and formulation

Budget optimization 
Corporate wide resource allocation 
Competitive strategies - sustainable 

Strategic outsourcing
Strategy development process
Best practices in strategy development 
Partnerships and alliances
Strategic entry barrier analyses 
Benchmarking studies 
Customer-driven strategies 
New business development processes 

Business Planning
 Cross-functional work plans 
 Business unit plans 
 Corporate wide plans 
 Business planning process 
 Best practices in strategy and planning 
 Planning for successful execution 
 Goals and mission
 Success metrics and alignment
 Balanced score card process
Resource allocation process
 Marketing and sales planning 
 New products and services plans 
 Business growth plans 
 New ventures planning 
 Part-time business planning support program 

Selected Projects Selected Projects Selected Projects

Brand positioning
Strategic positioning
Value proposition and benefits
Messages and attributes
Name selection
Brand identity
Web site objectives
Web site content
Sales collateral

Competitive pricing
Cost of product and service
Pricing rational
Introductory pricing strategy
Promotions and discounts
Basic and bundle strategies
Value pricing
Channel pricing

Selected Projects - Branding

Internet Marketing
Digital strategy
Digital insights

Integration online-offline strategies

Multichannel Strategies / Omni-channel
Branding strategy and corporate identity

Upselling and cross-selling
Agile commerce - multiple touch points
Multi-channel commerce - omni channel
Multi-channel content
Click and Mortar strategy
Customer acquisition
Analytics, Tracking, Online Surveys
Testing strategies

Micro Customer Segments - Market Segmentation

Website content development and design
Website redesign, updating and maintenance
Search engine optimization SEO and SEM
Multimedia – Video, Audio, Flash
Internet buzz
Social media marketing - Web 2.0:
     Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest,
LinkedIn, etc.
Email marketing campaigns
Copywriting, photography

Website hosting
Data-base management, CRM 
Sales support, up-selling and cross-selling
Best practices
Growth strategy - US and global
Competitive strategy
New business development

New Products/Innovation
Innovation process - fomenting innovation
Digital Insights for Innovation
Crowd Sourcing for Innovation
Innovation Programs
Opportunity assessment - value-added products

Development of new products and services
Research of customer needs and preferences
Pricing of products and services
New product and new service plans
Testing of new products and new services
Partnerships - potential partner assessment
Introduction of new products
Branding of new products
Marketing communications
Marketing programs
Event planning for new products
Channel selection
Partnership contracts
Outsourcing strategy
Innovation sessions
Innovation training

Selected Projects - Pricing

Selected Project

Selected Projects


We provide great Value to our clients:

Consultant Work Experience
Our Fees
 Boutique Specialized Consulting
(lower infrastructure expenses)
Large Consulting Firm and Agency Fees
For the same work
(higher infrastructure expenses)
Experience 5 to 10 years
$150/hour to $225/hour $250/hour to $350/hour
Experience 10 to 20 years $200/hour to $300/hour $300/hour to $500/hour
Experience over 20 years $250/hour to $400/hour  $450/hour to $1000/hour

                    Project length: 1 month or more

Micro Consulting Projects - Rapid Access to Expertise

$4,000 Monthly Retainer for up to 16 hours a month.  For only $4,000 you can retain Click & Mortar and take advantage of our deep expertise during the month, gaining access to up to 16 hours of consulting or project work.  Additional hours can be obtained at hourly rates and must be approved.  This plan works best when you need support and advice for new projects, ongoing projects, or need expertise on a biweekly basis.  You can use your time by e-mailing requests, obtaining advice on  phone calls or up to a couple of onsite meetings.

We also assist companies as their Part-time Strategy Officer or Marketing Officer through Once-a-Week Retainers. 
Consult us for more information about these opportunities.

Project Based pricing is also available.  Request a proposal.

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We offer a range of management consulting services.  For additional information, please contact us.

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