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Outsights "21 Drivers for the 21st Century" - Scenarios

The Outsights model "21 Drivers for the 21st Century" is recommended for use in Future Planning by nearly every government Agency and Department within every Town, City and State across the European Union.

1. War, terrorism and insecurity
2. Layers of power
3. Economic and financial stability
4. BRICs and emerging powers
• Brazil
• Russia
• India
• China
5. Five flows of globalization
• Ideas
• Goods
• People
• Capital
• Services
6. Intellectual Property and Knowledge
7. The Human Condition - Health, Wealth and Well-being
• Transhumanism – the Human Capabilities Revolution
8. Demographics, Ethnographics and Social Anthropology
9. Population Drift and Mobility
10. Trust and reputation
11. Human Values and Beliefs
12. History, Culture and Human Identity
13. Consumerism and the rise of the Middle Classes
14. Networks and Social Connectivity
15. Space - the final frontier
• The Cosmology Revolution
16. Science and Technology Futures
• The Nano Revolution
• The Quantum Revolution
• The Information Revolution
• The Bio-Technology Revolution
• The Energy Revolution - Nuclear Fusion
17. Science and Society - Social Impact of Technology
18. Natural Resources - scarcity and availability
19. Climate Change
• Global Massive Change – the Environmental and Ecological Revolution
20. Environmental degradation
21. Urbanization

Scenarios are specially constructed stories about the future - each one portraying a distinct, challenging and plausible world in which we might one day live and work -and for which we need to anticipate, plan and prepare.

The Outsights Technique emphasizes collaborative scenario building with internal clients and stakeholders. Embedding a new way of thinking about the future in the organization is essential if full value is to be achieved – a fundamental principle of the “enabling, not dictating” approach.

The Outsights Technique promotes the development and execution of purposeful action plans so that the valuable learning experience from “outside-in” scenario planning enables building profitable business change.

The Outsights Technique develops scenarios at the geographical level; at the business segment, unit and product level, and for specific threats, risks and challenges facing organizations. Scenarios add value to organizations in many ways: - future management, business strategy, managing change, managing risk and communicating strategy initiatives throughout an organization.

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