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Why Click & Mortar

Click & Mortar provides clients the personal attention and flexibility of a boutique consulting firm with the professional depth of a large consulting practice.  We deliver value.  We have made a significant positive impact on the growth and profitability of major corporations.  Working with senior management, we have improved the company's results through the development of solid business, marketing and growth strategies.  We offer unique perspectives and insights to our clients.  We can help your company too.

Our extensive experience in innovation and strategy development, and our deep knowledge allows us to add value immediately.  We work with a number of strategic and marketing issues in industries such as: consumer products, online, retail, durables, media, electronics, appliances, home and office products, food and beverage, wellness, technology, software, telecom-mobile, travel and services among others.

We assessed the best practices in business strategy, business planning, innovation, digital strategy, digital insights, open innovation, multichannel strategies, marketing strategy,  e-commerce, internet marketing,  online-offline integration,  new product development and new business development.  We bring a fresh perspective and help our clients innovate.

Our strategies provide a sustainable competitive advantage and lead to superior growth
and profitability.  We have worked with large and medium companies or business units,
and have made a positive impact in all of them.  We are passionate about taking on challenges that are priorities to our clients.  

We are flexible and work with companies in many different ways.  We can function as a Strategy and Planning process leader for companies interested in developing Growth Strategies and Planning for successful execution.  We can work with your team to help your company improve Digital Strategies, Open Innovation, Digital Insights, Multi-Channel Strategies, Online-Offline Integration, E-commerce and Internet Marketing   We can function as a Strategy, Marketing or Innovation team for new ventures and companies looking for Growth.  We can easily add expertise in time of need, on specific projects, bringing to your company the best practices. 

Our broad past experience, knowledge, insight, strategic thinking, creativity, innovation, well-proven methodologies and inspiration will make a difference in your company.

What we offer

Click & Mortar provides strategy, marketing, e-commerce, innovation, growth strategy, online-offline integration, multichannel strategies, internet marketing, branding, planning, new products, new businesses and competitive assessment services.

         Experts in Growth Strategies

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Assessing Growth Opportunities and Developing Growth Strategies

                                  Internal Organic Growth

           External Growth – Alliances and Acquisition

  • Existing Products and Services in Current Market and Channels - Greater share of the profit pool and increased customer retention - Optimization and Leverage

  • New products and services - Innovation

  • New markets and channels, including E-commerce and Mobile Commerce - Penetration and Leverage

  • Existing products, services, markets and channels - Leverage

  • Adjacent businesses related to the core - Leverage

  • Noncore businesses - Growth Trends

Multi-Channel -  Click and Mortar - Integrated Purchasing Process - Consumer Products - Touch Points
- See Chart Here

About  Click & Mortar  definition

Most companies are click and mortar businesses nowadays because they operate with an infrastructure that includes both: physical sites and online sites.  The term Click and Mortar is frequently used to refer to retail companies that include retail stores, as well as online sales, but it is also used for all other companies that operate with a brick and mortar structure, and an online component to their business.  In this sense, most solid companies in the 21 century are Click & Mortar companies.  Even companies that operate exclusively with online sales have some physical infrastructure.  We work with the 21st century companies and those interested in becoming solid 21st century companies!

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