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Business Planning

Click & Mortar has a vast experience in the development of business plans.  We have worked in the development of plans at various levels including: corporate, business unit, marketing, brand, sales, new businesses, new products and new ventures.  We work very closely with clients and we involve our clients in the entire planning process to facilitate execution of the plans.  We shape business plans  strategically to maximize opportunities for success.

We assessed the best practices in strategy development and planning.  We help our clients use the best practices in planning to implement winning strategies.  We have a disciplined well-proven planning approach, and we help companies implement a planning process to successfully execute strategies.

Our comprehensive planning process includes tools for alignment of objectives and tracking company performance through a balanced score card process.  We help our clients focus on priorities, and provide incentives to the accomplishment of goals.  Our process defines responsibilities and measures accomplishments.  We work with you to help your company achieve success.

      Our planning services include:
  • Best practices in strategy and planning
  • Planning for successful execution
  • Business Planning Council package
  • Business planning process implementation
  • Business unit plans
  • Corporate wide plans
  • Cross-functional work plans
  • Scenario Planning
  • Goals and success metrics
  • Balanced score card process
  • Marketing and sales planning
  • New product and service plans
  • Growing business plans
  • New venture planning
  • Joint-venture and partnership plans
  • Business case or first round financing plans
  • Strategic shaping of business plans

Selected Project Experience - Business Planning 
  • Developed business plans including executive summary, market overview, functional strategies, cross-functional plans, revenue model, goals, financials and tracking tools for various corporations and new ventures.  Shaped business plans  strategically to maximize opportunity for success in the marketplace.
  • Implemented customized business planning processes for a number of companies in various industries.  Developed calendar of activities, responsibilities, objectives, guidelines and expected results.  Led the implementation of the processes and the key meetings for strategy and planning discussions. 
  • Functioned as Planning Council providing expertise on business planning and strategic planning, on a regular basis for companies that do not have a highly specialized planning group internally.  Supported the entire planning cycle and led planning meetings that resulted in successful development and execution of business strategies.
  • Developed a business plan for launching "e-business" for IBM.  The plan included key initiatives for all IBM's business units, goals, milestones and dependencies.  "e-business" was defined at IBM as including Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, E-Procurement, E-Commerce, E-Collaboration and Knowledge Management.  These E-business  strategic initiatives were extremely successful for IBM, and led to an increase of almost 100% in IBM's stock price.   E-business was mentioned as one of the best strategies and product line introductions in IBM's history, by Lou Gerstner in his recently published book.
  • Developed a strategy and planning process for Galileo involving all functional areas, and focusing on the impact of the Internet.  Defined key activities, participants/roles, meetings, calendar of activities, alignment process and guidelines for implementation.  Met with senior vice-presidents and directors to obtain buy-in.  The new process was considered very appropriate and effective.
  • Led a team of cross-functional directors in the development of an annual business plan for a Business Unit at Ameritech.  The plan was used to implement the recommended business strategy that we developed.  The team also prepared the budget for the following three years.
  • Developed a business strategy and a sales force compensation plan for a leading food corporation. 
  • Developed a business plan for geographic expansion for a Business Unit at Ameritech.  Selected the markets with the greatest potential for success, and developed cross-functional plans to enter the selected markets.
  • Formulated a business plan for the  U.S. Retail and Small Business unit of Liquid Carbonic.   Provided detailed action plan and assisted in the implementation, which resulted in a profitability increase of 341% in a year.
  • Developed country-specific and functional action plans for the Specialty Chemicals/Minerals unit of Liquid Carbonic.  Evaluated major opportunities for growth and leverage of capabilities across countries. 
  • Evaluated and validated a $650 million capacity expansion for Suzano Paper & Pulp and its Joint-Venture Partner.   Developed long-term plans and evaluated financial returns under diverse scenarios.  Presented conclusions to investment banks.  Project was approved. 

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