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Marketing Strategy

Click & Mortar has a vast experience in the development of marketing strategies.   We help companies achieve profitable revenue growth through well thought-out marketing strategies. 

We assessed the best practices in marketing strategy development and we help our clients develop winning marketing strategies using the best practices. 

We work very closely with clients to assess their strengths.  We have a disciplined approach for marketing strategy development.   We look for unmet customer needs and market opportunities, and we develop and customize offers for specific market segments.  We leverage the client's capabilities into new products with a customer-focused approach.  We help companies foment innovation through a well planned innovation process. 

We assist our clients in the development of internet marketing strategies and integrated marketing plans to optimize their marketing budgets.  We develop branding strategies that provide a unique positioning.  We help companies integrate their online and offline strategies -- click and mortar.  We work with you to help your company succeed in the marketplace.

Check our comprehensive services at the right side of this page and some selected projects below.

       Our marketing strategy services include:
  • Internet Marketing and Digital Strategy
  • New product development and launch
  • Branding strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Integrated marketing plan
  • Integration online-offline
  • Innovation process
  • Assessment of opportunities for new products
  • Market positioning 
  • Market segmentation
  • Acquisition and Retention programs
  • Offering customization
  • Market analysis
  • Market research
  • Gap analysis
  • Sales and go to market strategies 
  • National roll-out plans
  • Major event planning, trade shows and demos
  • Selection of partnerships
  • Strategic positioning
  • Sales strategies
  • Rewards programs
  • Private label strategy

    Selected Project Experience - Marketing Strategy  (see also links above)
  • Led the development of a new brand for a consumer products company.  Developed name, logo and brand positioning.  Led the development of all communication material for launching the new brand.  The new brand was very successful in attracting its target market.
  • Developed two new brands for a consumer product company.  Assessed market opportunities and competitors, selected names, logos, brand positioning and developed sales collateral.  Selected channel strategy and directed sales efforts for the introduction of these new products.
  • Functioned as Marketing Leader for new ventures.  Developed marketing, sales and business strategies and plans.  Led the development and introduction of new products and services.
  • Developed strategy and plans for web sites including assessment of target audience preferences, best practices, development of differentiation strategy, key features, use of advanced technology, testing and implementation.
  • Led the development of marketing strategies and plans for e-commerce sites.  Defined marketing goals, key offerings, major marketing programs, positioning, acquisition and retention programs, value proposition and analytics.
  • Led the assessment of major players on the internet for marketing strategy development, alliances, branding and positioning.
  • Developed marketing strategies and programs to build a new contemporary image for IBM through the “e-business” brand.  Developed messages and guidelines for utilization among other activities.
  • Led the assessment of the portfolio of Internet offerings throughout IBM.  Selected the offerings on which to focus advertising expenditure.  Defined the role of the selected brands in the "e-business" marketing communications and the key attributes that should be emphasized.   The "e-business" campaign was considered a major success for IBM.  It generated brand recognition, association with the selected attributes, and successfully introduced IBM to the new economy ensuring long-term revenue growth.
  • Directed a market research and segmentation study focusing on the purchasing process of buyers of Internet products for IBM.  Based on the results of this research, marketing strategies were developed for selected e-business solutions including: E-Collaboration, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and Knowledge Management.
  • Orchestrated events to IT Market Analysts to communicate the IBM e-business strategy and to foster positive reviews.  Participated in senior management strategic discussions, councils and cross-unit integrating meetings.
  • Led a new market share tracking study for major Internet product categories in conjunction with Gartner Group at IBM, which resulted in improved measurement of marketing efforts, and better selection of market opportunities. 
  • Directed the competitive and market intelligence groups at IBM, and the assessment of partnership opportunities.
  • Assessed the growth opportunities for Galileo's Advertising products, and the trends in advertising on the Internet.  Recommended a new marketing strategy for Advertising products to the company. 
  • Directed three customer satisfaction surveys for Galileo with travel agencies, airlines, hotel chains and rental car companies to identify opportunities for improvement.  Customer-focused marketing action plans were developed based on the surveys' results.
  • Created guidelines for the preparation of strategic profiles of competitors for Galileo.  Five computer reservation system providers were profiled: Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan, Microsoft and EDS.
  • Developed a growth strategy for the most profitable market segment in the area of communication products for people in motion for Ameritech.  The strategy included mission, goals, marketing strategy, market segmentation, assessment of customer requirements, key success factors, financials, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, technological capabilities and action plan.  Presented the strategy to the president and vice-presidents.
  • Assessed long-term demographic trends and their impact on public communication products for Ameritech.
  • Formulated a marketing strategy for a leading manufacturer of electronics and appliances, and a retail chain, in a joint manufacturer-retailer effort that resulted in significant increase in share and profits.  Prepared profiles of the various Retail formats.  Assessed competitive products.  Developed market segmentation, product line, price models, advertising and channel strategies.
  • Coordinated packaging improvements for an existing product without incurring additional cost  for Johnson & Johnson.
  • Managed the implementation of marketing information systems for Unilever including sales forecasts, price evolution, advertising budget,  marketing effectiveness models, market share and major customer data.  The new systems led to faster and fact-based marketing decision making.
  • Coordinated market information search for Unilever including new products, market share, advertising expenditure, promotions and others.  Developed profile of key competitors.
  • Coordinated advertising agency selection process, which included visiting top advertising agencies and selecting the agency with the best experience for a new product line.
  • Adapted products for international markets and developed country-specific marketing materials.  Analyzed domestic and international economic and industry trends for long-term forecasts and export decisions.
  • Developed marketing and brand plans for new consumer products.  Evaluated market potential and strategies.  Analyzed prices and margins.
  • Evaluated portfolio of products and recommended product discontinuation and new products, resulting in increase in profitability.  Analyzed the company's new product development process and designed a faster new process.
  • Assessed growth trends and production capacity in California for Liquid Carbonic.  Focused on economic trends and major end-users such as the technology industry.  Analyzed the company's strengths, weaknesses and cost position in the region.
  • Analyzed domestic and international markets and trends for pulp/paper and packaging to assess opportunity for large capacity expansions.
  • Conducted market surveys for Suzano Paper and Pulp.  Interviewed senior management.  Prepared market segment reports.  Analyzed, designed and coordinated the implementation of market segmentation systems.

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