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New Products, New Businesses, Innovation

Click & Mortar has a vast experience in the development of new products and new businesses.  We have developed and introduced a number of new products and new businesses with great success.  Our comprehensive services include: innovation, identification of opportunities, open innovation, digital insights, crowd sourcing, assessment and development of plans for new businesses, market analysis, market segmentation, assessment of customer needs and preferences, market research, customization and development of new products and services, development of integrated new product plans, branding strategy, pricing strategy, sales strategies, testing of new products and services, e-commerce, innovation processes, and development and implementation of new product development processes, among others. 

We assessed the best practices in new product development and new business development, and we help our clients develop winning new products and new businesses. 

We work very closely with our clients to leverage their capabilities.  We have a disciplined approach for new product development and innovation.   We look for unmet customer needs and market opportunities, and we develop and customize offers for specific market segments.  We leverage the client capabilities into new products and new businesses with a customer-focused approach.  We help companies foment innovation through a well planned process.

We assist our clients in the development of integrated new product plans and new business plans.  We work with you to help your company succeed in the marketplace.

       Our new product, innovation and new business
       services include:
  • Open Innovation
  • Digital Insights for New Products
  • Ongoing Innovation services
  • Development and improvement of innovation processes
  • Development and launch of new products and services
  • Assessment of opportunities for value-added new products, new services and new businesses
  • New product and service plan
  • Research of customer needs and preferences 
  • Pricing of products and services
  • Testing of new products and services
  • Assessment of potential partnerships
  • Improvement of new product development processes
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       package and our ongoing Innovation
    Selected Project Experience - New Products, Innovation and New Businesses
  • Led innovation programs to generate new ideas and new concepts.  Assessed digital insights.  Selected best opportunities.  Developed marketing mix for the best products/services. 
  • Assessed best practices in open innovation. 
  • Developed business plan for selected opportunities.  Led the development of new products and services for various companies.  Developed new product strategies and plans for new ventures that led to successful introduction of new products. 
  • Functioned as New Product Development Leader for new ventures.  Assessed opportunities and developed marketing and sales strategies and plans for new products and services.
  • Led the assessment of major market players for new product development.  Selected potential partners.  Developed alliances for product/service development.
  • Directed the development of roadmaps for the introduction of new products and services for e-marketplaces.
  • Assessed the impact of the internet on the use of wireless communications, and opportunities for web appliances and other new web access devices.
  • Led the development of a strategy and action plan to launch a new business for IBM: “e-business”.  Analyzed market trends, opportunities and competitive activity.  Defined mission, goals, key success factors, key strategic initiatives and their respective implementation plans.  Presented the "e-business" strategy to various groups.  The success of the strategy was recognized internally and externally by Wall Street analysts. 
"E-business" was mentioned as one of the best strategies and product line introductions in IBM's history, by Lou Gerstner in his book, and led to an increase of almost 100% in IBM's stock price in 1998/99 and turnaround of IBM.
  • Led the assessment of the portfolio of internet offerings throughout IBM.  Identified white spaces in the "e-Business" product portfolio.  Assessed partnership opportunities to fill the gaps in the product line.
  • Directed the assessment of best practices, and market opportunities for new products in the areas of Pervasive Computing and Online Communities.
  • Directed a market research and segmentation study focusing on the purchasing process of buyers of Internet products for IBM.  Based on the results of this research, new offerings were developed for selected "e-business" solutions including: E-Collaboration, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and Knowledge Management.
  • Assessed the growth opportunities for Galileo's Advertising products, and the trends in advertising on the Internet.  Recommended the introduction of new Advertising products for the company. 
  • Directed a product functionality comparison of Galileo and major competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses, develop sales material, prioritize new product development and formulate product strategies. 
  • Led a cross-functional team in a start-up business that included various new products at Ameritech.  Created market entry and functional/marketing strategies.  Developed strategic scenarios, financial evaluations of alternatives and market tests.  Presented recommendations to the president and vice-presidents.   Recommendations were accepted and implemented.
  • Evaluated alternatives and developed strategies for entering the Long Distance market, in a cross-unit team at Ameritech. 
  • Developed strategy for extension of product usage including promotion, advertising claims and new packaging for Johnson & Johnson.
  • Strategically analyzed the market and proposed positioning for a new product for Johnson & Johnson.
  • Coordinated marketing research activities with new product managers at Unilever.   Designed and supervised marketing research projects ensuring quality, actionable results and successful new products.
  • Led qualitative and quantitative market research projects for the development of new products at Unilever including: test of concept, product, mix, packaging, advertising, name, image, habits and attitudes, needs, market mapping and market pre-test simulation models.  Directed approximately 60 projects for Unilever.  Projects resulted in the successful introduction of new products, effective advertising campaigns, product cost reductions and identification of new market opportunities.
  • Performed studies of competitors’ strategies, gathering and analyzing data, resulting in market entry strategy for Unilever.
  • Managed the successful development and launch of new products, domestically and internationally.  Adapted products for international markets and developed country-specific marketing materials. 
  • Developed new product strategies and plans at Suzano.  Evaluated market potential and alternative strategies.  Conducted marketing research for: product, name, packaging, customer needs, pricing and advertising among others. 
  • Developed a channel strategy for the introduction of a new product at Suzano.  Prepared a marketing plan to support the entry of new distributors in the market.  The strategy was very successful and led to significant market share gain for the company.
  • Evaluated portfolio of products and recommended product discontinuation and new products, resulting in increase in profitability.  Analyzed the company's new product development process and designed a faster new process.

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