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Internet Marketing

Click & Mortar has a vast experience in the development of internet marketing strategies.  We have worked in the development of internet marketing strategies in various areas including: web site content,  branding strategy, click and mortar strategy, multichannel / omni-channel strategies, digital strategy, digital marketing optimization, e-commerce, search engine optimization SEO and SEM, customer acquisition and retention strategy, conversion strategy, tracking and analytics, testing, optimizing, audio, video, up-selling, cross-selling, multi-channel commerce, multi-channel content, internet buzz, social media, database management, e-mail campaigns, sales support, online surveys, demos and best practices.   We work very closely with our clients and we involve them in the entire strategy development process to facilitate execution of the strategies. 

We assessed the best practices in internet marketing strategies for fast and successful execution.   We develop winning strategies with high impact on company performance.

We have a disciplined well-proven approach for strategy development.   We start with an understanding of target customers, company's core capabilities, offers, market environment, trends and competitors.  We look for the best opportunities, and we consider our clients' strengths and challenges.   We believe that successful marketing programs have to add value to customers, innovate, be focused, have a competitive advantage and achieve target levels of profitability ( ROI ).   We help companies  grow and improve profitability online and offline.

We also help our clients to continuously develop winning strategies through a disciplined process implementation.  

We deliver reduction in markwting costs and marketing acquisition costs,  increase in traffic to websites, improvement in targeted conversions,  increase in conversion rate for lead generation and customer aquisition, increase in revenue  per customer, among other results.

We help companies with Multichannel Marketing including Internet, In-Store, Mobile, E-mail, Social Networks, Call/Chat Centers and Catalogs, as consumers now use all these channels to research, shop, buy, pick-up, service and review. 

We seat down with you, we listen, we research, we brainstorm, we engage your customers, and we develop strategies that drive results and make you shine even if your budget is not as big as you would like it to be, or your time is not as long as it should be. 
We work with you to help your company succeed.

Multi-Channel -  Click and Mortar - Integrated Purchasing Process - Consumer Products - Touch Points - See Chart Here

      Our Internet marketing services include:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Optimization
  • Multichannel strategies - omni-channel
  • Click and mortar strategy
  • E-commerce
  • Integration online-offline
  • Branding strategy and corporate Identity
  • Custom content development
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Agile commerce - multiple touch points
  • Multi-channel commerce - omnichannel
  • Multi-channel content
  • Social media marketing - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Website development & design
  • Website redesign, updating & maintenance
  • Search engine optimization SEO and SEM
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Conversion
  • Analytics, Tracking, Online Surveys
  • Testing strategies
  • Optimizing
  • Micro Segmentation and Targeting
  • Multimedia – Video, Audio, Flash
  • Internet buzz
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Copywriting, photography
  • Data-base management
  • CRM
  • Sales support, up-selling and cross-selling
  • Demos
  • Best practices
  • Key word advertising
  • Growth strategy - US and global
  • Competitive strategy
  • New business development
Selected Project Experience -  Intenet Marketing
  • Directed the development of online marketing strategies including web site, advertising, search engine optimization SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing programs, e-commerce, e-mail marketing programs, click and mortar strategy, digital marketing optimization, database marketing, online communities, video, cross selling and upselling strategies, digital strategies, multi-channel strategies, multi-channel commerce, multi-channel content, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.), among others.
  • Developed a strategy for a new web site including content, branding, SEO, market research, geographic expansion, click and mortar strategy and introduction of new products for a consumer product company.  Led the execution of the strategies, selection of new channels, partners and new marketing programs.  Sales increased by 74% as a result of the strategies and programs.
  • Developed web site content plan and strategy including branding strategy, customer benefits, attributes, selection of offerings and social media buzz for a service company.  Developed partnership opportunities.  New web site generated high level of brand awareness, traffic and high conversion in the target markets.
  • Analyzed web traffic and developed strategies to increase traffic, customer acquisition and conversion in selected market segments.   Tested and improved programs.  Strategies included Web 2.0 technologies such as social media, blogs and others.
  • Functioned as Strategy Leader for new online ventures.  Developed strategy, branding, revenue model, value proposition, service and product offerings , marketing programs, competitive analysis, market assessment and market research.
  • Assessed strategic partners for affiliate programs.   Reviewed potential company profiles.  Selected companies with best fit for mutual gains.
  • Led the development of a strategy and action plan ensuring the growth of “e-business” for IBM.  Analyzed market trends and competitive activity.  Defined goals, key success factors, key strategic initiatives and their respective implementation plans.  Presented the e-business strategy to various groups.  The success of the strategy was recognized internally and externally by Wall Street analysts.
  • Led the assessment of the portfolio of Internet offerings throughout IBM.  Selected the offerings on which to focus advertising expenditure.  Defined the role of the selected brands in the e-business marketing communications and the key attributes that should be emphasized.   Success of the IBM e-business marketing strategy led to turn around at IBM and new leadership position for IBM in the technology industry.
  • Assessed the best practices in the use of Internet technologies for e-commerce, e-collaboration, supply chain management, process improvement and new value-added services.  Developed click and mortar strategies.
  • Developed strategic roadmaps for implementation of e-business for a major corporation, prioritizing areas of higher impact.
  • Directed a strategy for leveraging customer information in the design of new customized marketing programs for an online company.  Assessed opportunities, develop marketing program paths, content and campaign.  Implementation of strategy resulted in an increase of 27% in revenue.  
  • Led a brand review considering global online factors in the re-design of a global brand. 
  • Made presentations and speeches about opportunities and benefits of Internet Marketing and e-commerce.

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