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Ms. Cimino made a major contribution to setting the direction of 
e-business for IBM.  Her corporate strategy for e-business was implemented throughout the company, and placed IBM in a leadership position in IT again.   Vice President, Software - IBM
Great work in marketing strategy and selection of brands and messages to be used in e-business.  It is impacting all our marketing communication materials.   Vice President, Marketing - IBM

Lucy developed an excellent review of our business and led the senior management team into consensus on the strategy that we should take going forward.  President, Business Unit - Ameritech/ATT

Ms. Cimino brought to the business a wide focus on strategy.  She is very thorough and brought discipline to strategy development.    Vice President, Finance - Ameritech/SBC/ATT

Lucy is able to absorb a large amount of information quickly, and transform it into strategy.  She is very good at organizing people, issues and action items to get the job done.   Director, Product Marketing - Ameritech/SBC/ATT

We were all very impressed with Ms. Cimino's valuable insights and advices on our business issues.  She is very sharp.    CEO, Online Company

Lucy did an excellent job in developing the brand positioning and all marketing materials for launching our new line of products.  President - Consumer Products Company

The strategy work developed by Ms. Cimino was outstanding--the best I have ever seen--and we were so convinced of the direction that we should take that the implementation of the strategy happened very quickly.  Vice President, Marketing - Liquid Carbonic

Lucy developed a very well thought-out strategic planning process that engaged all our managers and taught us how to think strategically. Director, Technology Center - Liquid Carbonic/Praxair

In my 30 years with the firm, I have never seen a client team clapping hands feverishly in a final presentation as  it occurred in her Sears-Whirlpool marketing strategy project.  Partner - Booz Allen & Hamilton

Louis V. Gerstner Jr., CEO of IBM talks about the huge positive impact of the e-business strategy at IBM, in this video of his Interview by Charlie Rose.  Go to the last 4 minutes of the video.  Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Former Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, IBM / Author, “Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? Inside IBM's Historic Turnaround”

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