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Business Strategy

Click & Mortar has a vast experience in the development of business strategies.  We have worked in the development of strategies at various levels including: corporate, business unit, marketing, brand, sales, new businesses, new products and new ventures.  We work very closely with our clients and we involve them in the entire strategy development process to facilitate execution of the strategies. 

We assessed the best practices in strategy development and planning for successful execution.   We develop  winning strategies with high impact on company performance.

We have a disciplined well-proven approach for strategy development.   We start with an understanding of customer needs, company's core capabilities, market environment and competitors.  We look for the best opportunities, and we consider our clients' strengths and challenges.   We believe that successful businesses have to add value to customers, innovate, maintain focus internally, have a competitive advantage and achieve good levels of profitability. 

We also help our clients implement winning strategies through a disciplined planning approach.  We work with you to help your company achieve success.

      Our strategy services include:
  • Growth strategy - US and global
  • Business strategy and strategic issues
  • Strategic outsourcing
  • Corporate wide resource allocation
  • Competitive strategy development - sustainable 
  • New business opportunity assessment
  • Digital strategy - Online Strategy
  • Business model evaluation and formulation 
  • Partnerships and alliances 
  • Strategy development process - implementation
  • Best practices in strategy development 
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic entry barriers analyses 
  • Benchmarking studies 
  • Customer-driven strategies 
  • New business development process
  • Change management - turnaround

Selected Project Experience - Business Strategy
  • Developed a strategy for geographic expansion and introduction of new products for two consumer product companies.  Led the execution of the strategies, selection of channels, development of competitive strategies and sales approach.
  • Developed a strategy including a market overview, vision, offerings, value proposition, functional strategies and revenue model for an e-marketplace.  The issues addressed included: e-procurement, e-collaboration, e-commerce, supply chain management, knowledge management and customer relationship management.  Assessed potential partnership opportunities.
  • Directed the development of online marketing strategies including website, advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing programs, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, database marketing, online communities, among others.
  • Functioned as Strategy Leader for new ventures.  Developed strategy, revenue model, value proposition, service offerings, competitive analysis, market assessment and market research.
  • Assessed strategic partners for outsourcing manufacturing activities.   Reviewed company profiles and met with potential partners in Brazil.  Selected companies with best fit.
  • Led the development of a strategy and action plan ensuring the growth of “e-business” for IBM.  Analyzed market trends and competitive activity.  Defined goals, key success factors, key strategic initiatives and their respective implementation plans.  Presented the e-business strategy to various groups.  The success of the strategy was recognized internally and externally by Wall Street analysts. 
  • Assessed the best practices in the use of Internet technologies for e-commerce, e-collaboration, supply chain management, process improvement and new value-added services. 
  • Developed strategic roadmaps for implementation of e-business for a major corporation, prioritizing areas of higher impact.
  • Directed the development of a strategy for Ameritech, including a comprehensive business review, assessment of market trends and industry dynamics, competitive analyses, market segmentation, assessment of internal opportunities for cost reduction and profitability improvement, assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, customer needs, core competencies and evaluation of alternative strategies.  All vice presidents, directors and managers participated in the process.  The recommended strategy was implemented and provided savings of more than $22 million, growth above market and increase of over 60% in OROA. 
  • Discussed strategic issues with senior management in global strategy meetings for Galileo.  Conducted strategy meetings in the US, UK, France and Brazil. 
  • Represented Ameritech in Bellcore-RBOCs meetings to address proposed federal legislation that transformed the dynamics of the industry.  An amendment was prepared and included in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 as a result of these efforts.
  • Led a corporate team, including representatives of 14 Ameritech business units, in the development of competitor profiles of 20 leading telecommunication companies including: Wireless/PCS, Cable, Internet, Long Distance, Competitive Access (CAPs) and Independent companies.  Analyzed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, business and functional strategies.  The profiles were utilized to formulate the company's competitive strategies.
  • Formulated the U.S. strategy for the Retail and Small Business unit of Liquid Carbonic.  Conducted strategy meetings in all the regional offices.  Developed industry analyses, market segmentation, competitors’ strategy analyses, evaluation of company capabilities and development needs, and long-term strategy.  Presented conclusions and recommendations to vice-presidents and president.  Provided detailed action plan and assisted in the implementation, which resulted in a profitability increase of 341% in a year.
  • Developed a global strategy for Specialty Chemicals for Liquid Carbonic.  Visited operating countries and conducted strategy meetings with senior management.  Evaluated major opportunities for growth and leverage of capabilities across countries.  Recommended worldwide expansion modes including acquisitions, licensing and Greenfield investment.  Assessed opportunities for joint-ventures and commercialization of advanced technology.  Developed country-specific and functional action plans.  Presented strategy to CEO and presidents in all operating countries.  Recommendations were accepted and strategy was implemented.
  • Created a process to develop the corporate strategy as part of a reengineering project for Liquid Carbonic.  Led teams in the execution of the process in the U.S.  Defined key strategic issues.  Facilitated strategic meetings for 4 business units and 5 market segments.  Evaluated core competencies, opportunities and threats.  Presented conclusions to company's president and vice-presidents. 
  • Evaluated potential acquisitions and partnerships.  Analyzed capital expenditure proposals for strategic business units for Liquid Carbonic. 
  • Made presentations and speeches about opportunities and benefits of strategy and e-business.

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