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Branding Strategy

Click & Mortar has extensive experience in the development and repositioning of strong brands.  We have developed and introduced a large number of brands in a variety of markets with great success.   Our comprehensive branding services include: assessment and selection of key attributes, name selection, assessment of key product benefits, message development, brand identity development, corporate wide global branding initiatives, brand repositioning, development of sales collateral, and development  of integrated brand plans, among others. 

We assessed the best practices in brand strategy development, and we help our clients develop winning brand strategies. 

We work very closely with our clients.  We have a disciplined approach for brand strategy development.  We assess brand positioning against the key attributes valued by customers and key competitors.  We identify opportunities to differentiate brands and create a strong unique brand identity.  We select attributes to be associated with the brand and used in all communication materials to create an unified brand identity. 

We assist our clients in the development of integrated brand plans to optimize their brand budgets.  We work with you to help your company succeed in the marketplace.

      Our branding services include:
  • Brand positioning
  • Strategic positioning
  • Value proposition and benefits
  • Message development
  • Social media strategy
  • Content Srrategy
  • Selection of attributes 
  • Name selection 
  • Brand identity
  • Global branding
  • Web site objectives 
  • Web site content 
  • Sales collateral
  • Brand value vs. feature value
    Selected Project Experience - Branding
  • Developed positioning, value proposition, branding, name selection, logo, messages and attributes for new products and services including consumer and industrial products.
  • Led the development of communications strategies and plans for new ventures.
  • Directed the assessment of major players on the internet to support branding and positioning of new products and services.
  • Led branding activities including positioning, messages, benefits, advertising, PR, promotions and other marketing communications activities to various target groups for an e-Marketplace.
  • Developed marketing strategies and programs to build a new contemporary image for IBM through the “e-business” brand.
  • Led the assessment of the portfolio of Internet offerings throughout IBM.  Selected the offerings on which to focus advertising expenditure.  Defined the role of the selected brands in the e-business marketing communications and the key attributes that should be emphasized. 
  • Prepared guidelines for use of the logo and term “e-business” to strengthen the brand at IBM.
  • Assessed the growth opportunities for Galileo's Advertising products, and the trends in advertising on the Internet.  Recommended a new Marketing Strategy for Advertising products for the company. 
  • Formulated a marketing strategy for a leading manufacturer of electronics and appliances, and a retail chain, in a joint manufacturer-retailer effort that resulted in significant increase in share and profits.  Prepared profiles of the various Retail formats.  Assessed competitive products.  Assessed the value of the brands for each of the major products in the market.  Developed advertising and branding strategies.
  • Coordinated advertising agency selection process, which included visiting top advertising agencies and selecting the agency with the best experience for the launching of a new brand.
  • Adapted products for international markets and developed country-specific marketing and branding materials. 
  • Developed marketing and brand plans.  Selected product attributes, wrote brand positioning statements and value proposition.
  • Led market research projects for Unilever including test of concept, attributes, advertising, name and image.    Projects resulted in the successful introduction of new products and effective advertising campaigns.

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