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    Pricing Strategy

    Click & Mortar has great experience in the development of pricing strategies.  
    We have worked in the development of pricing strategies for a large number of
    products and services.   Our comprehensive pricing services include: competitive pricing, cost of service/product analyses, pricing development and rational,
    introductory pricing strategy, promotions and discount strategies, basic and bundle pricing strategies, value pricing, channel pricing, new product pricing and benchmarking studies, among others. 

    We work very closely with our clients to develop winning pricing strategies.   We assessed the best practices and we formulated a disciplined approach for the development of pricing strategies.   We start with an understanding of product costs, assessment of competitor's prices, evaluation of product differentiation, assessment
    of value of additional benefits for customers and market environment.  We look for opportunities to optimize total revenue and profits, and create a sustainable
    competitive advantage.  We use our creativity to develop innovative pricing strategies.

      Our pricing services include:
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Cost of service or product analyses
  • Pricing development and rational
  • Digital pricing strategy 
  • Introductory pricing strategy 
  • Promotions and discount strategies
  • Basic and bundle pricing strategies
  • Channel pricing
  • Benchmarking studies 
  • Value pricing
  • Life cycle pricing
  • Volume pricing
  • Trade-offs in pricing  
    Selected Project Experience - Pricing
  • Developed business model, assessed pricing mechanisms and defined pricing strategies for new products and services. 
  • Developed pricing strategy for the introduction of consumer products into new markets. 
  • Led the development of pricing strategies for new ventures.  Assessed major players in the industry to define pricing of new products and services.
  • Assessed opportunities for promotions, introductory pricing, membership, subscription and other pricing mechanisms, and defined pricing strategy for e-marketplaces.
  • Prepared guidelines for pricing in various channels to strengthen the brand.
  • Assessed the impact of different levels of price in the use of telecommunication service for Ameritech.
  • Formulated a pricing strategy for a leading manufacturer of electronics and appliances, and a retail chain, in a joint manufacturer-retailer effort that resulted in significant increase in share and profits.  Assessed competitive products and their prices.  Developed a pricing model to assess the value of different features in each product. 
  • Analyzed prices and margins for paper and pulp products.  Assessed the impact of supply and demand in the pricing of these products and projected future prices.
  • Developed pricing strategies for domestic and international markets.  Developed country-specific pricing strategies. 
  • Assessed prices of competitors and defined pricing strategies for new products.

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